It won’t be wrong if we say that in the presenttime, Smartphone have become a pocket PC.As the Android Smartphone functions on an OS, they are at the risk of being infected by malware or virus. These malware or virus can steal your personal information, make calls or even send SMSat premium numbers or can completely destroy the functioning of your Smartphone.

To save your android Smartphone from the threat, various antiviruses are available in the market. These antiviruses scan the apps and files on your Smartphone for malware, provides you with anti-theft features and many other amazing features. These android antiviruses may be free or you may have to pay for them, depending on the types of facilities they provide.

The demand of antivirus is increasing day by day by the android user. Below are some of the benefits of using antivirus for your android Smartphone-

Protection from malwares- The biggest hazard to the android smart phone is the malicious applications.  Virus or malware infected applications can damage the OS of the Smartphone or steal your personal information like debit card and credit card details and use it for illegal purpose. Android antivirus scans your Smartphone for such threat, detect and dispose it. It keeps your Smartphone clean and safe.

Protection of SD Card- The antivirus scans the SD card for the files and applications downloaded from an external source or third party and are saved on it. If it detects any malware or virus, immediately removes it. Thus, protects your SD card from any possible damage.

Constant Monitoring- The antivirus software runs in the background constantly. This feature guards your Smartphone all the times and keeps the threat away.

Anti-theft system- Most of the android antivirus has an additional feature of anti-theft. In case your Smartphone is stolen or lost, you can remotely track it using Google Map, lock it, wipe it or trigger an alarm.

Backup- The antivirus creates the backup for important data or contacts. In case you factory reset your Smartphone you can easily retrieve the saved data

Safe Internet Browsing- The antivirus also protect your Smartphone while you are browsing the internet. It alerts you and sometimes does not open the sites or links that may contain a malware or virus.

Kills unnecessary task- The antivirus saves your battery life and increase your Smartphone speed by killing the unnecessary apps that are running in the background.

Checks for permission- Major threat of virus occurs when the users ignore to check the permission of the apps. The antivirus permits the user to check the permission approved to various apps.

Filtering of the Smartphone- Certain android Smartphone has an additional feature that blocks the incoming message or calls from the number blacklisted by the user.

Categorization of Risk- Some range of antivirus, categorizes the files and the apps on the basis of level of threat they are at the risk. This feature guides you about the most vulnerable apps.
Phones have turned into an important part of our lives these days and we have become completely dependent on them. An antivirus is like the lifeline of your Smartphones. Its better to make an utmost use of them.

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